"The perfect day catamaran for your Resort Marina & Day Sailing business."
Lease the Gemini Freestyle 37 for as low as $3,995 per month.. 
Need to see a Gemini Freestyle in action?
Try out a complimentary day sail aboard a Freestyle in any one of these 6 destinations (Inclusive of Captain)
. Annapolis , MD, US
. Fort Lauderdale , FL, US
. San Diego , CA, US
. Cancun, Mexico
. Riviera Maya, Mexico
. Cozumel, Mexico

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Here's What Other People Are Saying...
"We took this boat out as a charter in September of 2016. It honestly made our trip to Annapolis that much better. Lisa was very timely in her responses and did a great job finding us a captain for the day. Neil (Captain) was fun, safe and open to where we set sail to.
I highly recommend taking this boat out!
Great trip!! The boat is lovely and very spacious, we had 12 people on board with no issues. Nice to have shade with lots of areas to sit and also the sunny bow and sling chair in the back of the boat. Our group had a great time and will definitely come back! And most importantly our Australian Shepard just loves sailing and he was welcome aboard!
Amazing experience! Lisa was very responsive to all of my questions. Our captain and interaction with the rest of the staff was also excellent!! Very enjoyable experience by all onboard - we didn't want to leave. Beautiful vessel. We stayed at the marina after our charter to enjoy sitting by the water. We will book again!

Get Your FREE day sail aboard the FREESTYLE and see why you should consider LEASING Now!
Complimentary day sail is valid for qualified companies who have a serious interest in our leasing program to grow their resort marina & charter business.  
Why You Need the FreeStyle 37 Catamaran:
The numbers don't lie!
Potentially Earn Up to $148,000 per Year.
With 12 guests aboard per day at $60 per guest assuming an average of 30 days per month with an occupancy rate of 70%.
Introduce Approximately 144 Guests per Year to Sailing
365 days per year with at 57% occupancy rate per annum.
Earn an Additional $2,000 per Month
Add sales of beverages, catering and additional guest charges. That now yields approximate income of $168,000 per year!
Want to know what our predictions are for operating expenses and annual maintenance? Then ensure you sign up to receive our leasing program details!
Commerical Day Charter Catamaran
The Gemini Freestyle 37 is a completely new concept in boat design and customization. In a world where flexibility is key, this new design provides the platform on which to build your sailing dreams - tailored however you see fit. Your Gemini Freestyle 37 can be outfitted as a basic family sailing catamaran, a day-charter boat, or maybe your vision includes luxury appointments for relaxation and dining including chaise lounges, an outdoor galley and wrap-around bar.

Whatever your idea of the perfect boat is - the Gemini Freestyle 37 is the most flexible and accommodating design available.  The Gemini Freestyle 37 enables a  family and their friends to get out on the water in a similar style to an open picnic boat. Deck furniture is available as modular, built-in sections from the factory, either at initial purchase or as a retrofit. The boat also has an optional full-size, hard top canopy that can be used as a sun deck or a platform for solar panels.
The Benefits
Where do you want your boat? One of the huge benefits of a Gemini is that due to its 14 foot beam, it can be delivered by truck to just about anywhere in the world. From Ft Lauderdale to New York? No problem. Annapolis to Los Angeles, still no problem? The Great Lakes, Canada, Mexico…..all on the back of a truck! There have been over 1,000 Gemini Catamarans built to date and more than half of them have seen significant tarmac underneath them so the ultimate inland delivery location is rarely a problem.

To date, this has been the most successful launch of a catamaran leasing program ever. The Catamaran Company is the largest broker of leased catamarans in the world and is now offering “The Gemini Freestyle Easy Lease Program” through its subsidiary, Gemini Catamarans. Having offered catamaran leasing for more than 12 years The Catamaran Company was able to adapt its programs to suit their clients’ specific needs throughout the US and Caribbean with more than 20 catamarans currently under lease. The key to the program? Keep it simple and make it easy.

Complimentary day sail is valid for qualified companies who have a serious interest in our leasing program to grow their resort marina & charter business.  
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Easy Lease
Lease Payment: $3,995 per month
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19% Return
Purchase Price: $250,000
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Attractive Annual ROI.
Low Overhead/Maintenance.
Income earner
Estimated Revenue: $148,968
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